Two Minute Teepee

I have seen some beautiful examples of teepees around online, including a gorgeous one you can buy the pattern for at Childhood101 for a grand $5! (This is not an affiiliate link.)

Sewing isn’t really my thing though. I’m more of a “let’s see what we’ve got and throw something together” kind of mum.  Using three long sticks, a piece of string and an old sheer curtain, we made our own simple teepee for the backyard!

I enjoyed showing the kids how to correctly lash the three poles together (thanks to my many years in Girl Guides).  The structure is easy to move around the backyard which means that the kids can have their tent wherever they like.  And it’s just perfect for picnic lunches, stories, and all manner of imaginative games.

Would your kids enjoy a teepee outside?

21 thoughts on “Two Minute Teepee

  1. That would be awesome if I didn’t think that Penny the Puppy would destroy it in about 3 seconds flat. We do sometimes put the tent up in the loungeroom for movie night though.

  2. Beautiful. I’d definitely read under this tee-pee.
    I’m not a sewer either and as a stay at home mum, I couldn’t afford a professional one. I commissioned the skills of my sister to sew me one with Ikea fabric. I think she cursed me the whole time. Don’t think she’ll ever sew one again. :)
    Will share this post with my readers.

  3. Not at the moment… Our only area of flat ground is about 3cm under water and it’s FREEZING! But I love the idea and the fact that grown ups can get in and out of it easily.

  4. Love it! My kids would love playing in that. I love that my Girl Guide skills come in useful too. My boys are amazed sometimes that I know how to do certain knots and can attach things.

  5. What a beautiful teepee. I learnt how to lash sticks at Girl Guides too. I think I might have to make some of these for school as well as for home. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Yes, mine would love it. I can sew but I like the idea of the kids putting it together, that’s half the fun isn’t it? No idea on lashing poles together, so I’m all for a tutorial on that (no kidding), and note to self: must put kids in girls guides and scouts :-)

  7. This just went on my list of projects. We just need some warmer weather for the kids to spend some time outside!

  8. It seems that they are very interested in this activities-outdoor.I will oganize one in this month for my child.Thanks so much for your sharing

  9. Hi…I made one from scratch..sewing and all from just scrap material and bought the poles from Bunnings….I am not great at making things like a teepee, but was happy with the outcome and my Lily loved it…

    practical for us cause can pack it away when she is finished playing in the house or the garden…

  10. I agree with Michelle and Sam! I know my little girl would adore a teepee to play in (and my little boy eventually), but in the meantime I need that lashing poles tutorial!

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