Painted Dinosaurs

I picked up these wooden, unpainted creatures at an art supply store for only $2 each.  I think one is actually a lizard, but we called them both dinosaurs.  The kids loved the way the cuts in the wood enabled the creatures to move.

I set up some paints in egg cartons and let the kids go for it!  My little one just needed me to hold his dinosaur still for him, but apart from that he painted it all by himself.  Here is his effort:

And here is big sister’s.  She was more deliberate with her placement of colours, and made sure that the underside was painted too:

I think they turned out rather well, don’t you?  Watch out if you visit our backyard. Dinosaurs roam the creek bed

13 thoughts on “Painted Dinosaurs

  1. I wish there was a Riot near us. I’d grab some for the grandkids. What a great way to spend time and Nanny and Poppy’s place

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