Waldorf Playstand – Endless Play Possibilities

A few weeks ago, in a rare moment of ebay browsing, I discovered this item.  I bid on it and bought it!

It isn’t a shoe rack or pot plant rack (LOL) it’s an old Waldorf Playstand.  New ones with soft curves in the timber and smooth finishes are quite expensive to buy, so I was delighted to score this second hand one for only $33.  It has obviously been loved by children in the past, and I can see it is about to be loved all over again.

A playstand is basically just a simple wooden structure which supports children’s open ended play.  It can be whatever they want it to be!  A puppet theatre, a shop, a house, a boat, a castle, a cave… you get the idea.  Often playstands are used in pairs, and joined by an additional arch.  Playsilks or other fabric can be used to make a roof.

(image from amazon.com)

Above is an example of two (expensive) playstands with a rainbow playsilk roof.  Below is how we’ve improvised with one stand and a tablecloth!

We’ve already used it inside as a library and on the front verandah as a shop.  I can’t wait to take it into the backyard for the kids too!  It is certainly going to grow with them.

If you’re interested in getting a playstand:

  • but don’t want a second hand one try here (Australia) or here (US) for lovely new stands.
  • but don’t have much space, these ones are collapsible!
  • but don’t want to spend a fortune try these plans for a DIY job.
  • but don’t want to spend on plans, just on tools try these free plans.
  • but don’t want to spend a cent… use a clothes horse like I have been for the last few years!

If your kids are anything like mine, they will play with their stand until they are exhausted!!

Does anyone else have a playstand?  I’d love to hear how others use them.

26 thoughts on “Waldorf Playstand – Endless Play Possibilities

  1. Fabulous idea! I love it. My girls do similar activities with coffee tables and chairs but the playstand would be much easier for them to move around.

    Funny about the playsilks, I’ve got a blog post about them scheduled for the next fortnight :D

  2. That’s great Cath. I have just bought some play silks and love seeing my kids engage in imaginative play. I have never heard of a waldorf stand. What a fantastic find!

  3. I’ve never heard of a Waldorf Stand but it’s fantastic. Stuart use to use my ironing board until it ended up so bend that every time I ironed it would rock around the floor. The kids look like they are really enjoying it. I will have to keep an eye out. The grandkids would love it.

  4. oh wow what an awesome bargain!!!!
    I’ve eyed off play stands since my teaching days… so versatile…. bookmarking those links because I’m dreaming getting Dh to make a pair once we’ve renovated and have the space.

  5. They look lovely – Ive never seen them before, but I love play structures that are wooden. The picture of the two with the arch is gorgeous! I’ll keep this in mind and maybe get my dad to make one for me :)

  6. As a child, I remember using an old pot plant stand underneath our stairs for many different uses. I would bake mud pies and line them up in my ‘bakery’. I remember setting out my doctors kit with all my tools on the shelf for easy access and performing surgery on my sisters. I also remember laying out my dolls clothes to dry on a hot summers day after doing my laundry. So many uses for an old pot plant stand that Mum didn’t use anymore..

  7. We had two of these when my boys were small. They were their favourite things to play with … and they played with them until they were 8 or 9.

    We still have our Steiner silk mobiles in their room (and they’re 11 and 13!) and they refuse to “pass on” their Steiner dolls.

    But we did sell the two playstands at a garage sale for about $30 each. Which was pretty good considering we bought them at a Steiner Pre-school 2nd hand stall for about $30 each 9 years before!
    .-= Fe´s last blog ..You can call me Jeremy Clarkson… =-.

  8. I love this, have never seen it before. But my dad loves building bits and pieces and is going to knock a couple up for the kids. Awesome! Thanks Cath.

  9. great find at that price and can have so much fun with.

    We are playing Vets here a lot – can see a playstand coming in handy for something to do with that ongoing game

    On another topic – I had a good laugh today that I have so share with you.

    Was sitting out in the backyard with the kids enjoying this lovely non-almost winter weather and dreaming up plans for an awesome bike path in the backyard.currently is flat for the most part but all grass with nowhere decent to ride a scooter/bike/gyrocar). So here I was planning this bike track with a proper surfaced track/road winding its way around the garden complete with road markings and street signs like you see in some (cool) parks and maybe even a petrol pump or car wash….. (hey it was great) and thinking to myself “Hmmm I will have to share this idea with Cath/Squigglemum shes about the only person I know that would “get it” LOL.

    Really wishing I could actually put it into action as could be so much fun but alas we are renting…oh well one day! Hopefully when the kids are still young enough to appreciate it/have fun with it.

  10. @Michele

    What a brilliant idea for a flat yard! Alas, we are completely hilly, so wouldn’t work for us. I think you could still do “road signs” in a rented yard, even if you don’t have the proper track. What about making them on stakes so that you just push them into the ground…? But oh for a car wash, and petrol pump!! Fab ideas. I totally get it. xx

  11. Cath – the kids cant ride the bikes on the grass. Flat yard but too hard on the grass/mud – need a nice smooth surface path hence my little dream. Gus’s frustration of trying to take his bike out to ride on the grass (after getting bored of this 2-3 pedals he can do up and down the back verandah tiled area) is what got me started. Dont think the owner would like it if I started ripping up the grass and laying down an asphalt bike track as wonderful as I think it might be …..I wonder if the bond would cover it.Nah – this is the guy who wouldnt even let us have a swing set in the backyard on the grass “in case it ruined the turf”

  12. Wow, that is such a fantastic find! It pairs with playsilks so beautifully. I can imagine my kids playing shopkeeper games for hours with something like that.
    .-= Lara´s last blog ..Welcome! =-.

  13. I love this, have never seen it before. But my dad loves building bits and pieces and is going to knock a couple up for the kids. Awesome! Thanks Cath.

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